Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teacup Thursday

Here we are again.  I'm enjoying others' teacups as well as showing mine.  I received around 12 teacups from my daughter-in-law's 2nd or 3rd Cousin Lynn.  The cups were her husband's mother's.  Lynn kept many others, but knew my HopeChest Tea Room... and my love of All Things Tea and she just wanted me to have them.  I think some are very unusual and I feel blessed to have them.  So I will start with these beauties and showcase one at a a time. 
The first is..........

The bottom markings are .........

Like others, if you have any information for me about this cup,  I would love it.  Leave a comment in the sometimes underlined but not always "see and leave comments" section below.   Marsha

Thursday, September 9, 2010

TeaCup Thursday

I, like Bernideen, am caught off-guard again, 
so without a lot of "type", here is my teacup.
It is one of my favorites - purchased at a garage sale, 
so I know none of its history. 

I just like its shape, colors, floral pattern, and size.  
I like to get 2 cups of tea out of a teabag,  
and I find this cup is perfect without having 
to boil more water and wait for more steeping.
In this regard, it is very valuable to me and I
would so miss it if something happened to it.