Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thank you all, for your blog visit and lovely comments.

Thank you all, for your blog visit and lovely comments.  You've all helped me make HopeChest Tea Room what it was - a refuge, a quiet lovey place to be with friends doing something charming and somewhat unusual in this hustle, bustle world.  

The tea winners of those who left comments are Mary George, Joyce, and Tricia.  I love Christy's comments, too, but we have tea together all the time.  There will be more chances to win, so stay tuned.......

One of my favorite quotes:
"Our Senses are soothed by a carefully prepared tea environment ….
A graceful cup, a dainty napkin, a silver spoon, a lace doily, a beautiful teapot.
Tea is a sip of yesteryear. . . . . . ."

Pamper yourself over a pot of freshly steeped tea, morning, evening, and/or night!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hello - Friends, Family, Fellow Tea-ers

I'd like to introduce myself. 
I'm Marsha Schewe

I'm originally from northern Ill, and I have lived and raised 3 sons in Baton Rouge, LA for almost 30 years, loving almost every day of it. I'm definitely a southern gal - food, climate, people, culture, and all but mostly the food. For me and my family & close friends, no other area in the world compares with it. 

My husband and I opened an antique reproduction, floral, and gift shop in 1998 named the HopeChest. His serious hobby was furniture making and mine floral design, so we ventured forth. It was in the height of the Victorian vintage decor era, the gifts and ambiance in the shop seemed to lend itself to thoughts of English Tea. 
So with the urging of many customers, we developed first a small tea party nook, then kept expanding to a full tea room for small and large groups, (tea room pictured above). 

When my husband passed away in 2006, I lost the heart for it and closed my tea room & shop.    
But I still have a passion for all things tea, and I hope we connect through blogging.  
I've written enough for one blog, so time to publish. I will blog more another time.

If any of you out there have a memory of tea at the "HopeChest," please comment below where it says "see & leave comment", or click on the date and the comment page also comes up.  It would be fun to hear your HopeChest past tea party details and I'm thinking three of you will win "Tea from Me".