Traveling Teapot Menu Choices

Traveling Teapot Menu Choices

First Course: Sandwiches
   Choose three (3):
            egg or chicken salad finger sandwiches
            ham or turkey finger sandwiches       
            cucumber/chives finger sandwiches
            cream cheese/pineapple/pecan roll-ups
            ham cheese quiche bites

Second Course:  2 Scones (one of each kind)
            English cream and Scottish raisin
            1 scone and bread (banana or apple walnut)
            Lemon Curd and Fruit Preserves included

Third Course:  Dessert
   Choose one (1)
            chocolate cake bites, mini white cakes,
            lemon or berry tarts
            mini cheese cakes,
            bread pudding w/butter-pecan sauce

Choice of several hot: black, flavored, fruit, decaf
Choice of one iced tea

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