Monday, July 19, 2010

HopeChest with Miss Magnolia

Back to memories of the HopeChest.

For five or so years, my mom, June, helped me in the shop.  She was quite the hostess at Tea Parties.  She loved to fuss over guests, especially making sure all ages partook of the fancy hats, gloves, scarves, boas, & jewelry.  

The first half of most teas was the trying on and finding just the right accessory to "take tea" in. She showed them how to choose, style, then model their items, as she was Miss Style herself. 

Then when all was just right....the Tea commenced.

She was affectionately known as Miss Magnolia, below with 
great-granddaughter Avery. 

Christy, Avery, Marsha (tired from cooking a Thanksgiving Dinner), and June.

Miss Magnolia (June) has moved back to her home area (Mid Wisconsin) and Wednesday, July 21, is having her 90th birthday party.  She still enjoys a good party.  We wish her a good time.

You may wish her well here in the "see and read comments" below.  I'll make sure she sees them.