Friday, June 10, 2011

Afternoon Tea, even in hot weather

For some, here in Louisiana, it is getting too hot for hot tea.

I can say never to that.

I always need my afternoon
pot of hot tea.

I can do without a morning pot, oddly enough.

But by afternoon, I demand one.
And it is even better if a friend stops by to drink with me.

There is something so soothing to me
in steeping fresh tea leaves,
and pouring it into just the right cup,
for the moment,
which I do change, as I have so many of them.

I am going to have Southern Lady today.
Mmmmm, (See under Pages -
Custom Specialty Blended Loose Teas)
proud to say it is one of my own blends
for us Southern Ladies.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tea Cup Thursday

This is my newest and
now most favorite teacup pattern.

( I don't know why this is underlined
and don't see a way to correct it.

Blogger upsets me a lot of the time,
I wish things went smoother for me.

Any suggestions, I'm open to switching)

ANYWAY, I found it on Ebay and just had to bid on it,
always ends up more than I want to spend,
but sometimes it is a matter of the heart.

I'm still a hearts and ribbons person,
and the little violets speak to me.

It is also very fine and thin porcelain
to the lips, just like I like it.

Like I said, my favorite so far.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Royal Wedding Party

Most of us who love tea and tea blogs loved the coverage of The Royal Wedding.

And hopefully you all had a gathering such as we did for the event.

We started at 7:00 with a British meal of
Shepard's Pie
English Peas and Carrots with
Roasted Vegetables,
and Tossed Salad
(I hope I didn't leave anything out.)

Of course, we had lots of snacks and
English goodies, mostly Cadbury brand
and completed all with a real Wedding Cake.
We had to find time to eat all this,
plus watch coverage, but we managed.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Teamwork with Oatmeal Cookies

"Nana, maybe we can make some oatmeal cookies again."

I didn't have very good luck for some reason with the last batch,

so I said "You and Mama can make the next oatmeal cookies."

"Nana, maybe we can work together as a team."

sweet moments........

Sunday, April 3, 2011

BBC America's Royal Wedding Countdown

Lots to do......
to get ready for the big day,
BBC American style.

I'm an Anglophile
in ancestry and in heart.
I love anything English, hence the interest in
All Things Tea.......

Now with the big Royal Wedding
coming up, a group of friends and I
are planning a sleepover here
complete with English eats, tea party
food, of course, and a beautiful
Wedding Cake.
We may do some crafts -
dream pockets and maybe tiarras.

AND watch non-stop coverage of the
Wedding Day.

So let's begin the Countdown...........
Any others of you doing something for this occasion?

Thursday, March 31, 2011

End of March teacup Thursday

Today I'm
posting the match to
one of my previous cup and saucers.
That one was a bright yellow-shaded background.
This one is predominantly aqua colored flowers,
but the same shaped cup with detail inside.

These were part of the collection given to me
by my daughter-in-law's third cousin and these
were the cousin's mother-in-law's.


I feel blessed to have all ten or so of them.

I don't know much history,
but just what is on the bottom
of the cup and saucer looks
interesting to me.

I think these would be so sweet
in a tea for two situation.

And I, of course, have just the
right mix & Match teapot for the tea,
which would be I think Angel's Dream.

(See Page Tea Bags, Rooibus, ect )

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Best of Friends

Don't we all have best friends?

Have you ever had a friend that you couldn't imagine life over the years without?

I am blessed to have quite a few.

One of those is Judi,
who was my college roommate for 3 years.

We are still very much connected, have so many of the same interests,

have shared so many of life's experiences.

She being my good college friend,
got to know my husband-to-be,

we double dated, later she married and
had 2 girls, and I had 3 boys.

We have always shared an interest in tea,
loved the idea of Southern Belles

(we laughingly pronounced it bellies)
have been hopeless romantics,
and loved mystery and drama.

We've tried to visit all along,
but have had more time lately,
as both our husbands have died.
We made it a point to stay connected
and to visit each other.

We've done New Orleans,
the Myrtles-a haunted plantation
in Saint Francisville,
and other plantations,
her city of Vancouver,
including taking the
ferry to Vancouver Island,
where we did Afternoon Tea at the
Empress Hotel in Victoria.

One of her visits here, she helped
serve a tea party at my shop.

But we've had the best of times relaxing at each
others' homes,
talking, talking .......
Over a fire, a jigsaw puzzle,
and a cup of tea, sometimes wine.

She now resides in the Yucatan Peninsula for 3 months,
escaping the very inclement winter weather in Vancouver.

I've a standing invitation and sure wish I could go. One of these days I will , for sure.
Miss you, Judes.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

TeaCup Thursday

A lovely pattern very much all over the cup and saucer.
And the colors are calm and neutral.

Something to keep in mind when having to mix and match
various patters for a large (6 or more) tea gathering, which I seem
to have at times.

It is another Royal Patrician, out of Stafordshire, England,
which has since gone out of business.

Please companies, please don't stop making fine bone china
cups, saucers, teapots etc.

I sometimes feel a big desperate
and want to go online and buy up what I can.

Does anyone else feel that way?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

And now.... back to the Library Tea Presentation

I've mentioned before that I was asked
to do a "etiquette and tea party"
presentation at our local library.
Some of it has been covered in
two previous blogs.

Now I have pictures, so here it is again.
The pics are as good as a library meeting
room's lack of decor can be.
But you'll get the idea and
the guests were unexpectedly thrilled

over tea foods and a demonstration.

Behind the scenes.......
Me preparing 6 pots of tea and "plating" 6 serving plates of assorted foods
while my wonderful friend did an informative and interesting talk about
giving tea parties, etiquette, helpful hints, etc.

There weren't any library event pics taken of the speaker but this is Tricia,
public speaker "extraordinaire", with her granddaughter Hope.

We so enjoyed our experience,
so if any of you in the local area

would like to have our presentation,
just let me know via this blog in the
comment section or by email, found under
my profile info.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tea Cup Thursday

For today's Teacup Thursday I am going to feature

my Bone China"Red Toile" teacups.

I keep them in on this very special "Teacup and saucer rack" in my Formal Dining room which has become my working "Tea Room" of sorts. The rack is nice because it holds FOUR teacups and saucers nicely.

These little Teacups and Saucers are so CUTE that I thought that you would enjoy them since Valentine's Day was just this Monday.
They are made by "Royal Patrician"
and crafted in England.

It's a sweet little pattern.....
and I enjoy having them in the Red color for
holidays like Christmas and Valentines.

Doesn't the Red Toile print go really nicely with this Valentines display of old Vintage Candy Boxes. The boxes were mine and were given to me at various ages when I was a child by Mom, Dad, and others.
And now I make my special fudge and give it to my grown children in these vintage boxes. They know to return the boxes unharmed. (grin)

The really fancy, lacy, red one was a gift to me as a little girlby my grandmother.
I still treasure the box and think of my her when bringing it out every year.
Did you notice the metal Russell Stover's "ELVIS" Candy box? From my husband, also an Elivs admirer.

Just having a few pieces of special "Tea Cups" make excellent
vignettes and displays around the home.
There are so many ways to use Teacups and Saucers
besides just drinking out of them.

I always have fun decorating for the Holidays and
I love to use Teacups and Saucers and
other Tea elements when I decorate.
Thanks for stopping by today for a visit!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Teacups and Library Presentation

Since today is "Teacup Thursday"
I will give you a short and sweet posting.

We are expecting "extreme" weather today so I am bit distracted along with that and many other things today it seems.
So please bear with me!

Today I am showing you a sweet little teacup and saucer that isn't bone china...shame on me, but it is porcelain.

When I owned my own Tea Business and Tea Room...I sold Teacups and Saucers of course,
along with other Tea items, accoutrements, floral arrangements, and various Teas.
These little Tea cups and Saucers I used to serve out of and I also sold them.

They really don't have a name that I can recall, but they were sold under the name of
"A Special Place."

Customers couldn't always afford "Bone China" when they wanted to purchase a Tea Cup and Saucer for themselves or for a gift....and I couldn't afford to supply my Tea table settings with all the real stuff either.
So I "mixed and matched" dishes like so many Tea Rooms do.

Here is another photo of how they looked when positioned on a little Tea Caddy.
Notice the Tea didn't match the set exactly but I always was able to keep them some what similar. The one in the back is the same ideal...they matched, but they weren't the exact same pattern as the Tea Cups and Saucers.

Here is a front view of them hanging up on the little Tea Caddy....
People really like the Tea Caddy's as well. I have given them as gifts even as recent as this past Christmas and they make wonderful presents!
And now........a short update on the Library Tea Presentation that I was in charge of last Saturday.

Things went WONDERFULLY.......

Although I forgot my camera...only because I had a million things on my mind to make this "Traveling Tea" work out nicely for our local Library who had asked me to do this.

So I am awaiting photos to come to me from the lady that was in charge of this class. "Ms. Catherine" was THRILLED at what we did and took photos and is sending me hers.

Tricia, one of my Tea Sister's came along and gave the (verbal)
"Tea Presentation" and did beautifully!!
I was so proud of her for this and how well she did.

I did all the Tea "behind the scenes work" this all worked out nicely!!

We had 15 women in attendance......and we were very please with how smoothly things were handled and how sweet the ladies all were.

I know that "A GOOD time was had by all"....including the "Worker Bees" who were very blessed to be able to do this!!
~More later my friends~

Monday, January 24, 2011

"How to Give a Tea Party"

I have lots to do to get
ready for a
Tea Party presentation
at my local library.

One of my teashop customers works at the library and has asked me to give a Saturday noon demonstration on "How to Give a Tea Party". There is so much to cover, that first I have to get organized.

I have asked a dear friend and fellow tea party-er to help.

Three round tables will be set for the guests to sit at and nibble, so I have to decide which linens, napkins, cups, saucers, small plates, and tea pot, creamer and sugar patterns will be used, mix and match, of course.

We will demonstrate at a head table.
The menu will be ham and chicken salad finger sandwiches,
scones, and lemon curd,

a basic black tea such as Queen Mary,
and a blackberry maple black tea Angel's Dream.

We will talk about the importance of presentation and etiquette, all which make tea parties special and apart from just having lunch.

So back to the planning and, later on in the week, cooking. Good thing I have worksheets and check lists to make sure I don't forget anything. Wish me luck and I'll update how the affair went later.