Monday, July 19, 2010

HopeChest with Miss Magnolia

Back to memories of the HopeChest.

For five or so years, my mom, June, helped me in the shop.  She was quite the hostess at Tea Parties.  She loved to fuss over guests, especially making sure all ages partook of the fancy hats, gloves, scarves, boas, & jewelry.  

The first half of most teas was the trying on and finding just the right accessory to "take tea" in. She showed them how to choose, style, then model their items, as she was Miss Style herself. 

Then when all was just right....the Tea commenced.

She was affectionately known as Miss Magnolia, below with 
great-granddaughter Avery. 

Christy, Avery, Marsha (tired from cooking a Thanksgiving Dinner), and June.

Miss Magnolia (June) has moved back to her home area (Mid Wisconsin) and Wednesday, July 21, is having her 90th birthday party.  She still enjoys a good party.  We wish her a good time.

You may wish her well here in the "see and read comments" below.  I'll make sure she sees them.


The HopeChest said...

Thanks Mom for all you did.

Mary George said...

June, you are a beautiful person and I miss you! Happy Birthday,
Mary George

Anonymous said...


You are an amazing woman and a delight to know. I have many fond memories of times spent with you. Your birthday marks a very special event. You will celebrate it with grace and joy, as you've lived most of your life.


Judi Lee

elise said...

Hey to Miss Magnolia. I can recall having many a good conversation, along with a good cup of tea with you. I wish you a great 90th birthday, and hope that you have many more. Take care of yourself, and have fun. elise

Anonymous said...

Marsha I can not believe your Mom is 90. She is such a lively and beautiful Lady. I tried to send a greeting but it did not work, so please give her our love and birthday wishes. Love, Janice Earnest

(I copied and pasted into here)

Edward and Sarah said...

Boy, do I remember 'Miss Magnolia', a beautiful hostess and even though she is from up north, she was quite the Southern Lady:):)!! I'll always remember her quote that she was "As sharp as a...". Have a wonderful 90th and many, many more! Happy Birthday,
Sarah Aucoin

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday , you are a special person. Take care of yourself an wishing you lots of happiness.
Kathy Kliebe

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday June!

Without a doubt you are one of the most beautiful women in so many ways that I know. Congratulations on so gracefully arriving at this land mark birthday. A true testiment to all the exercise and workouts you have done in your life.
Have the best day ever.

Bob Vigna

Karen said...

Happy 90th June!!! You are so amazing and full of life and you NEVER seem to age. I wish you many more years of health and happiness. Love you MUCH, your southern neighbor, Karen Kemp

Anonymous said...

Miss June,
You probably don't remember me but I remember you, a lady with such class and poise. You were a true delight when I would come into the tea shop. You always made everyone feel so comfortable and at home
. I was one of the ladies who took over the care of the tea shop when Larry passed and Marsha had to take him home.
I want to say "Happy Birthday" and wish you many more. To Marsha, I would like to say: How lucky you are to still have your mom. Congratulations to you both!

Sandy Linder

Christy Schewe said...

Happy Birthday Grandma! Dustin, Avery, Lily and I all wish we could be there on you special day. We love you very much. Hope you are having a great time at your party!

Joyce said...

A very Happy Birthday to you Miss June!
I miss seeing you and chatting with you.
Hang in there your doing GREAT!
Be blessed,
Joyce Mahan

June Fox said...

Many good memories for Miss Magnolia. Thank you all, for being a special part of them.
Miss Magnolia

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Hi Ladies! I can say that I was oine of the blessed to have enjoyed your tea room. A few years back my daughter had her fifth birthday party there and it was so sweet. I will have to share some pictures wioth you soon. I miss your little shop but I am so glad to have found you here. Blessings to you Miss Magnolia! Happy 90th you young chickadee :)