Thursday, October 28, 2010

No time for teacups....

So sorry.  My computer was overrun with malware this weekend.  My cpu guru and dear friend has been working with me to get it off, and somehow I've lost lots of data.  So no time for the fun part of computers.
Hard work first.  I may have lost some of your comments that weren't published yet.  And I've also lost all my emails and address book.  I apologize, you may resend if you don't see yours.  And I'm working very hard and trying not to panic.  Patience, Marsha, patience. 

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Bernideen said...

I went to a national online newspaper last year and looked and afterwards my computer was full of junk. Their cookies penetrated my firewall and Netflex ads were 20 deep. Stay away from those type of things. G Data SEEMS TO BE WORKING WELL FOR US.