Monday, June 4, 2012

The Jubilee

It is exciting and enjoyable right now 
to be a tea and England enthusiast.  
My tea friends and I are finding lots of time 
for tea and celebrations.

This was taken Saturday at the English Tea Room 
in a small town about an hour away.
I even made my own fascinater to wear (at 2:00 AM).
Some of us are also getting together to 
watch any and all Jubilee coverage, 
much like we did the Royal Wedding a few years ago. 


God Bless England. 


Bernideen said...

You won my Drawing Giveaway - I need your address Marsha!


The HopeChest said...

Really? Really? Bless you. This is just a beautiful, blessed gift from you, a beautiful, blessed lady.
I am very excited. Thanks so much.
I was talking to Joyce on the phone as I discovered it, so her ears are still ringing.
I will share it with her, as we have tea quite often, as you know, and with our other tea friends.
In fact, I will be giving Joyce the Titanic tea to give to her friend, as she posted in her comment,
as I have just ordered a new supply of the teas I sell on my blog,
So thanks so much for doing your beautiful give away. I will cherish it.

Bernideen said...

Marsha: Did you receive the box?

The HopeChest said...

Bernideen, I did receive it. And the whole box of items is beyond lovely. You did such a great job of packing, all is well. Your shop must be just exquisite, from the giveway items. Love every one of them. Thanks again.