Saturday, June 23, 2012

My new shipment of Teas have arrived.................

There is nothing like opening a large
box of freshly shipped pound packages of tea.
The aroma.....................mmmmm. 

I placed an unusually large order with my
favorite wholesaler and it has arrived.

My visitors often say my home smells 
like tea and assorted candles.  
And that is a good thing.

A new one - Blarney Blend
(see side Page - HopeChest Loose Leaf Teas)

                                                                                                                                       It will most certainly be the one we drink with our Annual 
St. Patrick's Tea, tiny shamrocks and all.

See below (next post) for a listing
of my yummy teas and more info
on the "PAGES"on the
right of this blog page.


Karen June Miller said...

The Blarney Blend is awesome! I could call this Matheny Tea, too. My Irish clan is full of blarney!

Have a super Sunday!

Karen June Miller said...

I love the Blarney Blend! I come from Matheny and Drummy. We are all full of blarney!

Irish Smiles,

Karen June Miller said...

I was having trouble with the comment moderation. So, you might have several comments from me. LOL!

Unknown said...

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