Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Downton and Tea

I have great friends who love tea, tea parties, and Downton Abbey. Why not combine them and have a  
Downton Abbey Finale Viewing Tea.  
The most fun for me as always is the setting up with all my pretties and who better to appreciate them are my tea friends.

We had English tea room setting and a British table. 

The English buffet table held tea cups, tea pots, creamers and sugars, tea accessories, pretty china everywhere, leaving room for the tea foods my guests were bringing.  And wonderful goodies they brought - pimento cheese spread and crackers,  small roast beef sandwiches, a fruit platter, all to go with my chicken puffs, sweet potato biscuits, and blueberry scones and lemon curd.  And pots and pots of Buckingham Palace Garden Party, Lady Londonderry, Wild Blueberry iced teas.

The British table held desserts of pecan cookies, mini cupcakes, lemon pound cake, gingerbread crisps, dipped oreos with D A piped, and candies.

While eating (grazing) we watched the 2 -hour finale of Downton Abbey,  wonderful as always, except for the last minute of doomed drama.  I won't spoil, but most of you already know.  The guests left full, happy, but also in a state of shock.  We will definitely gather next season for another tea and fellowship.
Thanks all of you who contributed, it was great fun.



Bernideen said...

I know you have a great circle of
If I lived in Baton Rouge I would want to join in!! The table looks so fun and the food!

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I am just letting you know my new blog address is