Saturday, March 19, 2011

Best of Friends

Don't we all have best friends?

Have you ever had a friend that you couldn't imagine life over the years without?

I am blessed to have quite a few.

One of those is Judi,
who was my college roommate for 3 years.

We are still very much connected, have so many of the same interests,

have shared so many of life's experiences.

She being my good college friend,
got to know my husband-to-be,

we double dated, later she married and
had 2 girls, and I had 3 boys.

We have always shared an interest in tea,
loved the idea of Southern Belles

(we laughingly pronounced it bellies)
have been hopeless romantics,
and loved mystery and drama.

We've tried to visit all along,
but have had more time lately,
as both our husbands have died.
We made it a point to stay connected
and to visit each other.

We've done New Orleans,
the Myrtles-a haunted plantation
in Saint Francisville,
and other plantations,
her city of Vancouver,
including taking the
ferry to Vancouver Island,
where we did Afternoon Tea at the
Empress Hotel in Victoria.

One of her visits here, she helped
serve a tea party at my shop.

But we've had the best of times relaxing at each
others' homes,
talking, talking .......
Over a fire, a jigsaw puzzle,
and a cup of tea, sometimes wine.

She now resides in the Yucatan Peninsula for 3 months,
escaping the very inclement winter weather in Vancouver.

I've a standing invitation and sure wish I could go. One of these days I will , for sure.
Miss you, Judes.


Bernideen said...

What a great friend and so many wonderful memories!

Joyce said...

I didn't realize she lived in the Yucatan as well as in Canada. That's nice...