Sunday, April 3, 2011

BBC America's Royal Wedding Countdown

Lots to do......
to get ready for the big day,
BBC American style.

I'm an Anglophile
in ancestry and in heart.
I love anything English, hence the interest in
All Things Tea.......

Now with the big Royal Wedding
coming up, a group of friends and I
are planning a sleepover here
complete with English eats, tea party
food, of course, and a beautiful
Wedding Cake.
We may do some crafts -
dream pockets and maybe tiarras.

AND watch non-stop coverage of the
Wedding Day.

So let's begin the Countdown...........
Any others of you doing something for this occasion?


Antiques And Teacups said...

I posted the countdown from the BBC too!! Cool!
Will be up to watch, but as west coast, it's 2:30 am! Yechch. Lots of tea gonna be made! LOL!

Joyce said...

I'm READY.......although we need to figure (I do at least) out "Wedding Attire."
And the rest of the craft situation.
Phillis is doing the cake...and I think we have the rest of the menu down.

Joyce said...

I really hate google sometimes.....not sure if my comment got on there or not. If NOT I will redo it. Blah...

Lady Linda said...

Love your countdown. I'm on the west coast too, so looks like an early morning for me. Yikes.

Bernideen said...

I figured Joyce HAD TO BE in on this and I see her comments....I hope ya'll have a blast!

Melissa said...

In regards to your tea of the week; I have a tea company and this is one of the teas that I sell. It is good. Odd name though. Hope you have a great week.